Here’s a brief update on what I’ve been working on.


Texas State MSEC onboarded me at the end of May 2018, but I really started dedicating my full attention to developing entrepreneurship at Texas State in mid-June.

Here’s a breakdown of how I’ve been spending my time, what I’ve been working on, and what’s coming up in the future. For clarity, I’ve divided my work into projects (substantial independent work), events, initiatives (improvements or internal projects within organizations), partnerships, and other.

In the future I hope to polish up this page and make it public, so that we can keep the general public up-to-date and what we’re working on.


Time Breakdown (hours)

Total: 171.25 hours, Service-Learning: 77.5 hours, MSEC: 39.75 hours, networking: 20.75 hours, travel: 33.25 hours


Texas State Accelerator
TXSTXL is designed as an entry point and navigation hub for central Texans and students, faculty, and staff at Texas State who are interested in entrepreneurship. I’ve also designed a jobs board and events board which are both currently live. I add the events I discover during my daily work to the events board.

Mentorship Certification Program
I’m working on a consortium for mentor networks to pool their resources and establish standards on what qualifies as a substantive mentor program. My initial outline for this lives here, and I’ve already had meetings with MSEC, Galvanize, and UT-Austin.

San Marcos Makerspace
Several hardware startup founders in San Marcos and central Texas have shared their frustration regarding a lack of available loca workshop/business space. These spaces exist (for example, UT-Austin’s new engineering building) but they are inaccessible to anybody not directly associated with specific programs within specific institutions. I’m exploring starting a real estate development project in San Marcos and am having meetings with other smaller, regional makerspaces as well as various investment sources.


Women Entrepreneurship Week 2018
I have worked on every aspect of this project including programming design, website design, promotional material design, online application creation and distribution, conducting in-person interviews, and configuring the online stream in conjunction with McCoy AV and Round Rock campus. Our implemented video streaming solution will result in a higher quality, lower latency video stream that can be broadcast from both locations to YouTube without additional spend, resulting in ~$1,200 annual savings. You can see the webpage for this event here.

Alkek Technology Day
Thanks for recruiting me!

3 Day Startup
I will continue to operate as a mentor, judge, or facilitator as David Cameron sees appropriate.

USAU College Nationals 2018
I am currently coordinating with USAU, UPLA, the San Marcos Cinema Club, and Ryan Sultemeier (former McCoy AV) to film the entirety of USAU College Nationals 2019. Nationals is hosted in Round Rock this year and I am currently putting together a bid to provide video talent to film all games, from pools to finals.


This is my primary contractual responsibility. I am working with the MSEC student teams to help their commercialization efforts. I have worked primarily with NABACO, Kosmik, and Apeel. I was also present at BC2 for last year’s cohort and BC1 for this year’s cohort (including CS Ph.D candidates).

Service-Learning process improvements
I’m working with Dr. Minifie to implement a variety of general workflow and management improvements. These include the adoption of various platforms like Slack (messaging), Freckle (time tracking), Typeform (forms + surveys), Clubhouse (project management), Rebrandly (shortlinking + analytics), Doodle (scheduling), YouTube (live streaming), and Squarespace (quick website deployment). I’m also training a second, a student worker named Emily Skinner. She is being trained to be an expert in these tools so she can champion them and assist other organizations in implementing them.

MSEC CS Ph.D program improvements
The Texas State CS Ph.D program is currently facing a potential attrition rate of 25% or more due to some decisions made by the computer science department. This is not a sustainable path forward so Dr. Irvin, Dr. Beall, Dr. Minifie, and myself are trying to make some changes to mitigate some of these problems.


Splash Coworking
I am working with Carina and Dr. Minifie to support the Splash community and their events.

Thanks for the introduction! Cara is still settling into her role, but I expect we'll collaborate heaviily in the coming months. I know she is planning a high school program similar to 3 Day Startup, and I have committed to support her.

Trustwork is an organization we helped source a student intern for in the past. They could potentially provide quality work placement for many TXST students and we're currently helping them organize an info session.

other is my own startup. I started it in 2013, but it went on hold when I started my professional career in consulting. It's back, and I'm working with an Atlassian senior developer as my technical cofounder. It is designed as an end-to-end software solution for endurance events.